Meet Us!

Hey Loves!

Welcome to our lovely space on the internet. We are Farah (pronounced far-ah) and Jenn, two best friends (basically sisters), from Seattle trying to live life to the fullest. This blog is our place to put down our feelings, what we have been doing, thinking, or loving. It is basically like our diary. It gives us something that we can personally be proud of, and allows us to have an outlet to connect with people like us.

We, like many girls, have insecurities, but have decided to use this blog as a way to share what we like with minimal judgement. We want our blog to be filled with kindness, truth, love, and good vibes. We don’t always have good days, so we will acknowledge them, but of course  we will look for the positives.

In 2011 we were in the same high school choir and from there we became the best of friends, and since then we have been basically inseparable.We have just about the same interests which include music, coffee, crafts, and men too! But we aren’t twins, so we do have things that we differ. Farah is a massive football fan and loves the Seahawks. Jenn will root for them but doesn’t mind missing the games.

Seattle is definitely our home, but we are beach girls at heart. We also have a massive case of Wanderlust. We want to travel everywhere! We are always up for adventures.

We are girly girls and we both are proud of it. As true Seattleites we love coffee and will always be up for drinking a cup. We are also baby people. We love babies and children. Farah has a little sister who is still in elementary school and Jenn has nieces and a nephew so we are both very family oriented.

It is very important to us that we make the world a better place and we think it’s really important to spread kindness.

We laugh more than we breathe, and sometimes in inappropriate situations (Jenn apologizes in advance), but we are known to find humor in everything. Even if it takes a while. Please stick with us as we go through our journey, we are thankful you are here with us.