Pumpkin Patch

Hey Loves! F & J here!pumpkin patche4307371-65f0-42e8-acdb-9bc5f17b087bpumpkin patchpumpkin patchpumpkin patchOctober would not be complete without a trip to the Pumpkin Patch! This year we decided to try out a new farm in the Seattle area. We went to the Craven Farm Pumpkin Patch in Snohomish Washington, and we can say the fall vibes are definitely present. We found ourselves lost in a 15 acre corn maze and fueled up with warm caramel apple cider, and ended choosing between a million perfect pumpkins. Its free to get in and the cost of the activities are pretty reasonable. There are a ton of photo opportunities with rustic fall vibes filling the crisp air. We definitely recommend this patch to families who want a true pumpkin patch experience!

Happy pumpkin hunting!


F & J

Na Pali Coast Rafting and Snorkel

napalicoastnapalicoast2aaDCIM100GOPROHey Loves! F & J here!

While we were in Kauai we got the chance to take a rafting trip down the Na Pali Coast and snorkel! Neither of us had ever been snorkeling before so we were a bit nervous but as soon as we were in the water we loved it!

On the rafting trip down the coast we had the chance to see dolphins and Hawaiian Sea Turtles! The dolphins put on quite the show and came super close to our raft.

While we were snorkeling we got to see some fish but our favorite find underwater was the octopus we found! Once we got over the initial shock that we were swimming in the water with an octopus we found it really cool to watch him move from rock to rock and see how well he blended in with the reef.

We also had the chance to go into some sea caves and see some of the Na Pali Coast that has been used in famous movies and tv shows including Jurassic Park, Pirates of the Caribbean and Bay Watch. The tour guides were also very good at sharing the local legends with us.

We highly recommend that if you are going to Kauai you book yourself a trip! We booked through Blue Dolphin Charters but there are many different options to choose from. Just remember to bring sunscreen and reapply so you won’t get as badly burned as either of us!


F & J

Kauai Food

Hey Loves! F & J here!

We had the chance to try a lot of different foods in Kauai. Though we mostly lived off of fresh local fruit. Lychee and Longon Berries anybody?? We tried all the “local specials”, yes that does mean we even tried Loco Moco! Loco Moco is a local dish that has beef, rice, egg, and some sort of sauce. Which let us tell you is quite adventurous for us, we do admit to being extremely picky eaters.

If you are going to Kauai we suggest trying out Duane’s Ono Char Burgers, Paco’s Tacos, Wishing Well Shaved Ice, Tiki Iniki, and Pizzetta just to name a few places. We even got the opportunity to walk to St. Regis Princeville and enjoyed breakfast on the terrace that overlooked the ocean.

Don’t be afraid to try the food trucks since there is an abundance of them and they offer variety.

Also, shout out to Kauai Juice Co. which had delicious fresh kombucha our personal favorite was strawberry guava!

Now that we are back home we would really do anything for a kombucha and a shaved ice by the beach! If you have any other Kauai favorites that we missed comment below!


F & J

Waterfront Creamery

Hey Loves! F & J here!

We got the opportunity to attend a social media party for bloggers at The Waterfront Creamery in Seattle. It’s located in the ferry terminal right on the water. The inside of the shop is so cute and it has the best view of Seattle. You can see the ferris wheel and the waterfront while getting your ice cream.

This insta-worthy shop offers delicious local ice cream from Snoqualmie Ice Cream and they also have partnered with Alexandra’s Macarons for even more yummy treats including ice cream macaron sandwiches. How could you go wrong?!

If you are from Seattle or visiting Seattle we highly recommend checking these guys out! They are a short walk from so many tourist hotspots. The staff is incredibly friendly and personable, and they don’t even care if you want to try every flavor before deciding which one to go for! Whoops 😉 Also toppings are free!

Let us know below if you plan on checking Waterfront Creamery out! And tag us on your super adorable insta posts!


F & J

Beautiful Kauai

Hey Loves! F & J here!

We absolutely fell in love with all the beautiful sights in Kauai. We were constantly surrounded by beaches, tropical flowers, and an abundance of chickens. It took us a few minutes to get used to the idea that wherever you are, there will be chickens. It became so normal that it was weird to not have chickens all over Seattle when we got home.

Kauai is a very small island, thankfully we did have a car to get around to see everything we wanted to. We visited as many different beaches as we could. We enjoyed all of the palm trees and clear blue skies. We would both go back in an instant just to enjoy all the views the island has to offer.

We posted a few of our favorite picture above from our trip. They really don’t do justice to how beautiful it is in person.

Do you have a favorite Kauai spot? If you do please share! We’d love to hear your opinion.


F & J

Granville Getaway

Hey Loves! F & J here!

A few weeks ago we decided to go on a mini road trip for F’s birthday! We chose to go up Vancouver BC because we wanted a change of scenery. We got an awesome deal on our hotel and decided to stay on Granville Island. It’s a little more calm than being in the heart of the city. Even though we had our car there was plenty things to do within walking distance.

We started each day walking around the Granville Market and having a nice breakfast and coffee. There were so many vendors in the market and there was so much to see. It reminded of the farmer markets that come to Seattle in the summer. We met some nice people and bought some fun things including blue almond milk (it’s completely natural too)!

We also went to Kitsilano Beach and spent some time enjoying the view until we got rained out. We enjoyed the nightlife the city had to offer as well. We would say it was a pretty successful trip!

Where should we visit next? Let us know in the comments below!


F & J

Harry Potter World

Hey Loves! F & J here!
We wanted to share some photos from our trip to Harry Potter World in Florida last October.
We enjoyed every moment of our time there and can’t wait to go back for some more Butterbeer and another meal at the Three Broomsticks.
Have you been? If you have we would love to hear about your favorite part! We were thinking about writing a guide on how to survive a trip to Universal Studios with some tips that we would’ve loved to know before going. Let us know below if that is something you would be interested in!














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