Pumpkin Patch -2018-

Hey Loves! F & J here!

We are enjoying the beautiful fall days here and taking advantage of all the close farms that offer lots of pumpkin and fall themed events.  Last year we went to Cravern Farm  (you can see our post on it here) and this last weekend we decided to try Swan Trail Farms. It is the first pumpkin patch we’ve been to this year and possibly not the last. We got to get lost in their Washington State Corn Maze, took a ride on a hay wagon, and wandered among the fields and saw the animals. The donkeys and pigs were super cute, but not very photogenic! If you live in the greater Seattle area it is worth checking out, there were a ton of children activities that we didn’t choose to partake in but we saw children enjoying.

There were plenty of things to enjoy for children of ALL ages 😉 They offered lots of food options including some of our favorite fall treats like fresh apple cider and cider donuts plus some new treats like churro nuggets.

We highly encourage you to go out and find your own pumpkin patches and enjoying the fall season. If you happen to know of any in the greater Seattle area let us know we would definitely like to hear about more and try them out either later  this year or next year!


F & J


Sweaty Betty Legging Review

Hey Loves! F & J here!

You may have heard of the brand Sweaty Betty. If you haven’t heard of the brand they are an adorable company started in London that sells workout clothes for women. The brand comes with a fairly hefty price tag so we wanted to test out a pair of their famous leggings and see if they are worth the price tag. For a full price pair of reversible yoga leggings you are looking at dropping around $120. We managed to score some on their sale for $48. So we highly recommend keeping your eyes out for the sale, but note that you will have far less pattern selection this way.

We managed to score a pair that they no longer sell, but one side has fun jelly fish, and the other side was solid black. When it comes to leggings we usually tend to prefer solid colors and we were weary that the fabric would be see through, we didn’t want to flash our whole boxing club our bums while doing mountain climbers. The sides also have a mesh panel up the whole side of the leg which we think is fun, a little risqué but nothing too out of our comfort zone.

The pants totally shocked us, once they were put on you would never know there were jelly fish print floating away on the inside. They just looked like solid print leggings. we did a mirror check and they were most definitely not see through! SO they totally pass the most important test.

Second most important factor is how well the stay on during our workout. The last thing we want do is to be constantly pulling up our pants while trying to workout. We both prefer a more tighter “hug” fit that help shape us, and hold us in. So after countless jumping jacks and squats we can say we are most definitely pleased with the way they stayed put and held us in.

The material of the pants were very soft and very breathable, they felt very comfortable, and we feel like they would be really comfortable to wear all day.

We only have good things to say about this brand, except for the fact that we wish they were cheaper, but we understand why they are priced high, because they are great workout pants!

We highly recommend them, and we say you should definitely treat yourself to some nice workout clothes if it helps you stay motivated to be healthy. We also recommend buying them on sale because thats always nice to save a few dollars!


F & J

Annual Pumpkin Painting

Hey Loves! F & J here!

If you’ve been following us for some time you will know that we have a tradition of painting pumpkins every fall for Halloween. To see last years post click here. We always choose a Disney pair to paint so this year we decided to go with a Snow White theme and painted Snow Whites Dress, and the poisonous apple.

We grew up watching Snow White, and its one of those beloved movies that will always be a classic to us.

They were super fun to paint and we enjoyed getting creative and having cute decorations to show for all our work! We definitely encourage you to paint your own pumpkins! It is a fairly cheap craft (we buy pumpkins at a local store or pumpkin patch and buy the .70 paint from Michaels . Make sure you check for a coupon because you can use it on the paint or paintbrushes and they always have a coupon!) and we get lots of compliments every year!

Previous Years Pumpkins:

Pumpkin painting beauty and the beastPainted_pumpkins_tangled_lilo_and_stitchPainted_pumpkins_monsters_inc_toy_story

Let us know if you choose to paint your own pumpkins! We would love to hear from you in the comments below and see you posting your own pumpkin photos!


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Dollar Shave Club vs. Billie

Hey Loves! F & J here!

We wanted to post about the differences between two popular shaving subscriptions that you’ve probably seen all over the internet by now. Dollar Shave Club and Billie.

We want to start off by saying that we are not fans of having gender specific products. That being said Dollar Shave Club is geared towards men and Billie is geared towards women. We found that the Dollar Shave Club razors were heavy and “solid” they gave us a great shave and we really didn’t have any complaints about it. However when we decided to give Billie a try we found that we liked the design features that Billie had. They built the razor around what they felt women needed more in a razor. And we cannot deny that we have enjoyed the razor. It is light weight, comes in some pretty colors, and it came with a magnetic holder for the shower (a nice bonus, especially considering the Dollar Shave Club doesn’t come with anything to hold the razor in the shower).

Aesthetically both are very nice and honestly one of our biggest factors in choosing Billie over Dollar Shave Club is the razor weight.

As far as price goes Dollar Shave Club starts at $6 a month and the Billie starts at $9 for the initial razor, magnetic holder, and blades and then the lowest cost you can get them for is $9 for 4 replacement blades every 3 months. ( Of course there is the option to get them sent more often). Both are great companies and they are providing a service we are happy to use. Check them out for yourselves and do your own research. What works best for us might not work best for you.

Click here to subscribe to Billie!

Click here to subscribe to DSV!

Let us know what you think in the comments down below. We would love to hear from you.


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DIY Fall Pumpkin Banner

Hey Loves! F & J here!

We recently had the sudden urge to get crafty which resulted in a romp through Pinterest and a trip to Michaels Arts & Crafts. We decided to make a simple pumpkin banner that screams fall and adds a cute touch of fall to our homes.

To make them yourselves you only need orange yarn, green pipe cleaners, and twine.

For the pumpkins we wrapped the yarn around our four fingers about 80-100 times and the used a string of yarn to replace our fingers and tie the yarn together to form the pumpkin shape. Then we threaded a piece of green pipe cleaner through the top and twisted it tied to make the stem.

To put it all together we threaded our pumpkins on to twine to make the banner. It was easy, simple, and definitely gives us fall vibes!

Let us know if you give it a try and if you have other easy DIY crafts we can give a try. We would love to hear from you in the comments below.


F & J

How We Afford to Travel as Young Adults

Hey Loves! F & J Here!

dazzle.pngWe have always had a bad case of wanderlust and we all know it can be expensive to travel! The cost of a trip seems to climb sky high once you add in transportation, lodging, activities and you know you need to plan for more money to pay for food and shopping. (If you are anything like us you need tons of money set aside for souvenirs for friends and family back home!)

Plan Ahead and Do Your Research

This is one of the most important things you can do! When you are looking at flights always find out what a reasonable good deal looks like so you can watch the ticket prices and snag a good deal. You don’t want to buy tickets and find out later you could’ve saved money if you just waited a little to buy them. We’ve found that sometimes booking trips on a weekday at a more undesirable hour is cheaper, but you have to be willing to make that sacrifice.

Ask Yourself if You Have Any Connections

Always think about whether or not you know anyone who lives in the area you are going to travel to. Perhaps you can stay with them and save on hotel. (This is a huge one, we have friends in Hamburg, and we will stay with them which will save us a TON of money in hotel. Plus we get free tour guides! ) Or maybe you know someone who works for a chain hotel and can get you a great deal on a room. Lots of big companies also offer some discounts at other major companies. Also check websites like Groupon for deals on hotels, then call the hotel you are staying at and see if they can honor the price at a lower rate.

Remember No Matter How Little You Save: It All Adds Up!

Which leads us to the biggest tip we have:

Make Yourself A Coin Jar

In our early college days, we were broke, but we were determined to take a road trip from Seattle to San Diego, we knew we needed to find every way possible to grow some savings. We would always go to the local grocery store and buy some groceries for our dorm and we could pay for all our groceries with our coins. We decided if we saved all of our coins up we would be able to put a good amount of money towards our trip. Every penny added up and we were able to pay for a lot of the trip that way. Since it was such a success we have since used it for our Florida trip which included  Disney World and Universal Studios plus our flights. This time we have enough money to cover Disney Paris Hotel and Park, Flights, Hotels, and some of our more pricey activities while we are over in Europe. This DRAMATICALLY reduces the amount of money we have to take from our bank accounts and savings. It makes our trips seem like so much less of a financial burden and we find ourselves way less stressed about money.

We should also note that when we do random odds and errands for people and are given small amounts of money in return we also add it to our coin jar. We also try and carry cash on us so that we can get coins back. The coins are rarely missed and our coin jar is definitely appreciated!

We hope you find this helpful. We would love to hear any tips you might have in the comments below. Also feel free to reach out to us, we would be happy to talk to you more about how you can make travel affordable for you. We should be able to afford this beautiful world as much as possible!


F & J

Top Three Halloween Movies

Hey Loves! F & J here!

Since we are in October we can’t help but get in all our spooky feels by watching Halloween movies. We are sort of babies and can’t really do scary movies but love watching the classics we grew up with. These are the three Halloween movies that we will have on repeat this season. And another added bonus, they are all family friendly! In no particular order, here are our top three:

1.Haunted Mansion (2003, Disney) Super Cheesy, and classic for sure. Even watching it older we can appreciate Eddie Murphy in some of his finest work (personal opinion for sure).

2. Casper Meets Wendy (1998) Classic Hillary Duff that we could watch over and over and still laugh. Ketchup and goats anyone?! Don’t get it? Watch the movie and you will!

3. Hocus Pocus (1993) Could there be a more classic Halloween movie, there is a reason it is a classic. We don’t think that we could ever not love this movie.

What are your favorite Halloween movies?! Comment below, we would love to watch them.