Sun Care Faves

Hey Loves! F & J here!

If you have read our previous posts you might know that we are going to Hawaii! We are super thrilled to have such an amazing opportunity. We have so much to plan for but most importantly we have been thinking about how we need to keep our skin protected from the sun! Being from Seattle our skin does not get exposed as much, so it can be a bit more sensitive to constant sunshine. A lesson that J had to learn the hard way in Florida. Even though F usually tans thanks to her olive complexion she still knows how important it is to keep our skin protected.

We have done a lot of research and tested out a lot of products and decided to round up our favorite brands and products that make sun protection something  we want to do, while smelling amazing.


Bali Body BB cream with SPF 15– This tinted BB cream offers all natural coverage and sun protection. It’s a win win!

Super Goop Defense Refresh Setting Spray with SPF 50– This product has a much stronger SPF which is nice to help protect our faces-one of the most easily burned places on our body! Its nice that you can apply it after your make up, and offers a matte finish.


Australian Gold Botanical with SPF 30– A natural Sunscreen that is good for your skin! We call that a win!


Sun Bum Lip Balm with SPF 30– Sometimes we forget to protect our lips but with this product you won’t forget, it smells so good you could eat it!

After Sun Care:

Beach Bum Cool Down Hydration After Sun Lotion– It is super important to hydrate your skin after sun exposure, this product does the job and leaves you smelling like summer! Tip: Put this product in the fridge before you head out, so by the time you are ready to moisturize it is sure to cool you down.

Most importantly keep yourself hydrated inside your body too and drink lots of water!

If you have any favorite sun protection products let us know we are always on the lookout for more.


F & J

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Current Faves

Hey Loves! F & J here!

There are a ton of different things we are just loving at the moment. We just have to share them with you!

Too Face Sweet Peach Lip Oil

It smells delicious, and wears nicely, great for everyday wear

Devonne by Demi Lovato Moisturizer

The smell is great and it keeps your face moisturized

Pacifica DeodoraPacifica Deodorant Wipes

Such an excellent back up just in case!

Glamglow Powermud Dualcleanse Treatment

Makes your face feel clean and hydrated, super refreshing and easy to use

Fiji Sand and Sea Salt Scrub

Has a nice scrub and leaves your hands feeling super soft (don’t forget to lotion after)

Shellac Nails

Lasts so much longer than a regular mani, and it’s important to treat yourself once in awhile

Swell Water Bottle

So important to keep hydrated and it keeps your water cold for a long time

Cycle Bar

Fun workout,  they can keep track of your class stats to keep you motivated, and such a fun and great environment

Adidas/Pink Tennies

Loving the casual comfortable vibe, your feet thank you at the end of the day

Cinnamon Iced Almond Milk Macchiato

Totally delicious, easy to order, a nice blend of coffee, almond milk, and cinnamon


What are you currently loving? We would love to hear!


F & J

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Zoella Beauty

Zoella BeautyZoella Beauty 2Zoella Beauty 3Hey Loves! F & J here!

Recently we have found a couple of Zoe Sugg (aka Zoella) beauty products at Target. They have a few products in store and some more online. But when we took our day trip to Vancouver BC. we found a section at London Drugs and we purchased quite a few things!

We are in love with the smell! It is such a simple and light scent but we can’t get enough of it! J has been using the Soak Opera daily  and F is constantly using the perfume and has gotten lots of complements.

The whole brand is adorable, Congrats Zoella!, and we are very impressed by the quality her products have. If you haven’t tried any of them you should head over to and get yourself some and let us know what you think!


F & J


How To Keep Healthy Hair This Winter

Hey Loves! F & J here!

Winter is one of the most beautiful seasons, especially in here in Seattle. But there is no doubt that it is COLD. This year the season seems to be bringing us especially cold weather. It is important to make changes to your beauty routine to make sure that you are protecting yourself from the cold weather. The cold weather can be harsh to our skin and hair and the last thing we want to do is cause damage that would take a whole season to repair. So we put together some tips and products we use to keep our hair shiny and healthy throughout the winter season, that can be carried on throughout the rest of the year of course.

Since the cold dries our hair out we always use It’s A 10 Miracle Leave in Product. It leaves our hair frizz free and even better tangle free. It also protects and heals damaged hair. Its a bit of a splurge but the bottle lasts a while and it’s totally worth it!

Of course wet hair and cold weather is not a good mix so for the next few months the hair drier becomes one of our good friends. But the heat can be damaging so we use Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry Express Primer. This product is an absolute favorite! It not only protects the hair but it cuts hair drying time significantly. Who doesn’t love hitting that snooze button one more time?!

The coldness definitely dries the scalp out and sometime can leave us with dandruff and who wants that? One product that has actually worked for us was dpHUE Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse. The smell is quite strong but not unbearable, but if you can get over that it removes dandruff as well as leaves your hair super shiny and smooth.To avoid a smelly head we suggest using it before shampooing and conditioning like normal.

If you feel like you just need a complete hair renewal our favorite go to is coconut oil. We usually just put it all over our hair and scalp and let it soak for at least and hour. It is a bit of pain to get it washed fully out of your hair but it is so worth it. (We suggest a clear paraben free shampoo… it helps).Your hair will be so soft and so renewed! We can guarantee that you will love it!

… and of course hydrating yourself with water is a great way to keep moisture through out your body!

Stay Warm,


F & J

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