Sweaty Betty Legging Review

Hey Loves! F & J here!

You may have heard of the brand Sweaty Betty. If you haven’t heard of the brand they are an adorable company started in London that sells workout clothes for women. The brand comes with a fairly hefty price tag so we wanted to test out a pair of their famous leggings and see if they are worth the price tag. For a full price pair of reversible yoga leggings you are looking at dropping around $120. We managed to score some on their sale for $48. So we highly recommend keeping your eyes out for the sale, but note that you will have far less pattern selection this way.

We managed to score a pair that they no longer sell, but one side has fun jelly fish, and the other side was solid black. When it comes to leggings we usually tend to prefer solid colors and we were weary that the fabric would be see through, we didn’t want to flash our whole boxing club our bums while doing mountain climbers. The sides also have a mesh panel up the whole side of the leg which we think is fun, a little risqué but nothing too out of our comfort zone.

The pants totally shocked us, once they were put on you would never know there were jelly fish print floating away on the inside. They just looked like solid print leggings. we did a mirror check and they were most definitely not see through! SO they totally pass the most important test.

Second most important factor is how well the stay on during our workout. The last thing we want do is to be constantly pulling up our pants while trying to workout. We both prefer a more tighter “hug” fit that help shape us, and hold us in. So after countless jumping jacks and squats we can say we are most definitely pleased with the way they stayed put and held us in.

The material of the pants were very soft and very breathable, they felt very comfortable, and we feel like they would be really comfortable to wear all day.

We only have good things to say about this brand, except for the fact that we wish they were cheaper, but we understand why they are priced high, because they are great workout pants!

We highly recommend them, and we say you should definitely treat yourself to some nice workout clothes if it helps you stay motivated to be healthy. We also recommend buying them on sale because thats always nice to save a few dollars!


F & J


Dollar Shave Club vs. Billie

Hey Loves! F & J here!

We wanted to post about the differences between two popular shaving subscriptions that you’ve probably seen all over the internet by now. Dollar Shave Club and Billie.

We want to start off by saying that we are not fans of having gender specific products. That being said Dollar Shave Club is geared towards men and Billie is geared towards women. We found that the Dollar Shave Club razors were heavy and “solid” they gave us a great shave and we really didn’t have any complaints about it. However when we decided to give Billie a try we found that we liked the design features that Billie had. They built the razor around what they felt women needed more in a razor. And we cannot deny that we have enjoyed the razor. It is light weight, comes in some pretty colors, and it came with a magnetic holder for the shower (a nice bonus, especially considering the Dollar Shave Club doesn’t come with anything to hold the razor in the shower).

Aesthetically both are very nice and honestly one of our biggest factors in choosing Billie over Dollar Shave Club is the razor weight.

As far as price goes Dollar Shave Club starts at $6 a month and the Billie starts at $9 for the initial razor, magnetic holder, and blades and then the lowest cost you can get them for is $9 for 4 replacement blades every 3 months. ( Of course there is the option to get them sent more often). Both are great companies and they are providing a service we are happy to use. Check them out for yourselves and do your own research. What works best for us might not work best for you.

Click here to subscribe to Billie!

Click here to subscribe to DSV!

Let us know what you think in the comments down below. We would love to hear from you.


F & J

Mini Ulta Beauty Haul

Hey Loves! F & J!You may know by now that we like Ulta, and that sometimes we may go crazy. This time we had a mini little haul and we thought that we would share what we got, because they are all items we love. This is not sponsored, we just loved what we bought and wanted to make sure you guys could find these awesome items too.

The main reason for this shopping trip was to purchase some shampoo, but of course we couldn’t just stop there. But the shampoo we ended up purchasing was a major win! Not only does it smell delicious and clean, it is one of the most clarifying shampoos that we have ever used. We highly recommend it! It is dye free, sulfate free, paraben free, and more! They were having a buy one get half off sale so we decided to stock up and grab some delish smelling conditioner as well. Both are priced at $10 for a good sized bottle, but both these items are coupon eligible. You can find the shampoo we chose here, and the conditioner here.

We were also there because we needed to stock up on our go to toner, which is the Mario Badescu Rose water toner. It is affordable at only $12 for a large bottle that lasts us for several months. The product itself works really well and smells really nice. You can find it here!

We also picked up a fun little extra chapstick from Essence which is fun, because it changes colors with the contact of your lips. The color ended up being a little darker than we wanted, but the product itself was awesome and we may try a different shade. At only $3.50 it was definitely worth it, and you can find it here.

The rest of the items pictured were just free gifts, that we have yet to try but we love the brands of the items we received. Which were Kate Somerville and Stilla!

Even though this was mini haul we loved what we got! Comment below if you have tried any of these products.


F & J

CauseBox Unboxing – Fall 2018

Hey Loves! F & J here!

If you follow us you know we are all about subscription box, such as FabFitFun (check out our autumn 2018 unboxing here!). This season we decided to splurge and try a second one we have seen all of the internet. CauseBox. The selling point that caught our eye, is that every product is supposed to help support  better world. All items come with a tag telling the company’s story and how the products help the world.

For the fall box the item that we were most excited about was the October brand tote, which is huge and great quality, adorable, and not mention it can hold all we need anymore. There also is an adorable striped scarf which we plan on pairing with a long sleeve black tee and jeans, for a cute, casual, cozy fall look.

There was also a gorgeous eye shadow palette that we believe is perfect for fall and plan on using it all throughout the season. There is also a nice smelling hair mask that we are excited to use, because colder weather always equals drier hair.

Other awesome items in the box included a set of blank adorable Papryus cards, and a S’well water bottle.

This was our first box and we were pretty happy with it and we are excited to try it for another season.

Treat yourself to your very own CauseBox here.


F & J

Top 3 Facial Toners

Hey Loves! F & J here!

Toners are a very important part in our facial skin care routine. Over the years we have tried many different ones and we have accumulated a list of our top 3 favorites. Hopefully you find this as helpful as we would. [Our first stop before buying anything is always google 🙂 ]

Mario Badescu – This is a wonderful toner it smells like roses and we have become very used to the light smell, this toner is perfect for anyone’s price range. The linked website is Ulta and you can get a 4 oz bottle for only $7. Ultra hydrating and feels amazing when you put it on, we have been using this for awhile and have never had any issues with it, nor have we heard of anyone else having any problems.

Eau Roma Water  – This toner is from Lush so it is at a higher price point. A 3.3 oz bottle costs $10.95. This product is handmade and you know you can always trust your products from Lush to be made with the highest quality. This is also Rose scented and helps to calm the skin like the Mario Badescu. In all honesty, we love this product but did switch over to the Mario Badescu because they have the same quality and we appreciate the price point a bit more.

Tea Tree Water – This is another toner from Lush costing the same as the Eau Roma Water, a 3.3 oz bottle is $10.95. This does smell of Tea Tree Oil. It isn’t a very strong smell and to be honest we both like the smell. It does a great job at helping cleanse your face.

We hope you have found this post to be helpful. We would love to hear if you have other toners that you think we ought to give a try. Let us know  We always love finding out about different products and we will happily take all your suggestions to heart!


F & J

Whats In Our Bag

Hey Loves! F & J here!

If you are anything like us, you like to know things. Like maybe what someone keeps in their purse. But solely because they might have some brilliant thing that makes their life easier and you want to steal their genius idea. We are definitely not geniuses but we are hoping if we share what we keep in our purses, you might discover some things that will make your life easier. Besides the basics like phone, keys and wallet, here is what you will find our bags.

Our number one thing that we always keep in our purse is spray hand sanitizer. Specifically a spray like this one. Because beyond cleaning our hands its helpful to clean our surroundings. Like a toilet seat before using a public bathroom, or cleaning off a table at a restaurant, the possibilities are endless and we are almost never without some.

We also always have some sort of healing balm. We like using lanolin, like this, because not only is it the best for chapped lips, but also if we have any other wounds or dry patches.

Tide To Go sticks come in handy more often than we would like to admit. We are always spilling things on our shirts, and these things are a tiny life saver.

We always like to keep a protein bar, like this one, in our bag. In case we aren’t able to access food, it allows us to get enough food in us, to give us energy and keep us from eating foods that are bad for you.

Tweezers seem like a silly thing, but we all deal with pesky hairs, that somehow we miss in the mirror. So we like to keep a tiny pair, like these, to make sure our eyebrow game stays strong.

And last 9but not least an easy to fold reusable bag, like this one, because it is always important to keep our plastic use to a minimum. When you keep a reusable bag in your bag you are more likely to use it, its basic math.

Do you keep anything different in your purse?! Please comment below and let us know!


F & J

* We do not own any of the pictures posted, credit goes to linked site.

TonyMoly Haul

Hey Loves! F & J here!We’ve been spending a lot of time at Ulta lately (too much time!) and we’ve always taken note of the TonyMoly selection but have never tried it before. It’s all super cute and we allowed ourselves to go a bit crazy and purchase some things.

The peach handcream smells AMAZING! And bonus is very moisturizing and doesn’t leave the hands greasy. We’ve received a lot of complements on this one!

We picked up quite a few masks, and between the both of them we probably grabbed at least one of each. (No judging, we did get them on sale!) It’s nice to throw on and give your face some TLC while being super convenient.  They all have a different purpose, but if we are honest we can’t really tell, but they do all seem to leave us with really nice smooth skin.

So go out and treat yourself, but don’t go as crazy as we did, or do! We totally think you deserve it.


F & J