What to Eat in London

Hey Loves! F & J here!

London is a city filled with so much delicious foods. There are an endless choice of restaurants and cafes. We enjoyed a lot of what we ate, so we collected a list of our favorite places, so when you visit London you can eat your way through, and enjoy yourself as much as we did. Do you have other favorite restaurants that we missed, comment below and let us know!

Honest Burgers-This was our first dinner in our night in London. The food itself was delicious but what really made this place stand out was that the staff was so friendly and welcoming. They even gifted us free onion rings to welcome us to the city. The burgers were really yummy to. We definitely would go back.

Patisserie Valerie- This little cafe was right next door to our hotel, but it was so yummy we went twice in our one week stay. Their avocado toast was really yummy and so were their pancakes. Its a nice quiet little cafe that offered a good selection of breakfast and lunch options.

Wagamama- This was one of our favorite finds in London! We loved it so much that we wish they had them in Seattle. They are known for their Ramen, but they also serve a nice selection of breakfast. We just know that if you need a way to warm up from the cold London rain, Wagamama ramen is the way to go.

The New Club- This super cute brunch place is right across from the beach in Brighton. Its prime location and cute aesthetic was enough to draw us in, but the food also was delicious and well portioned. The staff was notably friendly as well.

Pret a Manger-There were so many of these cafes throughout London that it was inevitable to end up walking into one. We had many of our morning coffees and snacks from here. They offer a pretty decent selection of foods and treats, and they serve a pretty decent cup of coffee.

English Rose- Located right by Buckingham Palace this place was an absolutely adorable shop to have high tea. It was on the cheaper side in comparison to other high teas, but it also offered smaller portions. The tea was good, and the clotted cream and biscuits were delicious.

Nandos- We are familiar with this franchise, because we often enjoy it in Canada, but it still was as delicious and yummy as we remember. You can’t go wrong with their classic grilled chicken sandwich and Peri Peri fries.

Dishoom- The best Indian food in all of London. We waited and hour and a half just to get a seat to the bar, and then we had to wait another thirty minutes to get a table. It was so delicious and so worth it. We were stuffed to our brim in yummy food. We would go back in a heartbeat.

Seriously Mac and Cheese- We decided to treat ourselves to a bowl of mac and cheese at Hyde Park Winter Wonderland and it was so worth it. The noodles were gooey and cheesy, and definitely took us to comfort food paradise.


F & J


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