What to do in London

Hey Loves! F & J here!

You may have seen that we have previously posted a What to do in Kaanapali, Maui and we loved sharing with you all the things we enjoyed doing and highly recommend to everyone who is going. So we decided to add to our “What to do in” series and we are starting with London.

Keep your eyes out for our What to Eat in London post that will be coming soon!

We highly suggest staying at a hotel located in central London because then you can walk everywhere you want. It saves you money on transportation and you really do get to see much more of the city on foot than if you are driving past it in a uber or taxi. We stayed at the Hub by Premiere on Goodge Street, we loved the location and the room itself was clean, safe, and very small but all we wanted it for was a place to sleep at night. We spent our days out exploring.

Big Ben – Although it is under construction right now and we unfortunately didn’t get to see it in its full glory (we walked right past it and didn’t even notice)it is such a classic thing in London you must go see it. According to Google, Big Ben will be back in business August 21, 2021.

London Tower Bridge – This is something that confused us and it seems we are not alone. The Tower Bridge leads you straight to the Tower of London and gets confused for the London Bridge. The London Bridge is just a normal bridge just a little bit down the river from the Tower Bridge.

Trafalgar Square – The square is an iconic spot in London but it is also a place full of activities. We saw plenty of groups gathering, street artists had art out, and the buskers provided a nice soundtrack to it all.

High Tea- Enjoy an afternoon tea or at least biscuits and clotted cream, you won’t be sorry! You can find high tea at many different prices and many different places. You can even have high tea on a double decker bus while riding through London (we didn’t go with this option but next time we want to give it a try!)

Buckingham Palace- We enjoyed just walking past the palace and seeing the guards pacing back and forth and the palace guests leaving the palace dressed in the best clothes and hats.

Christmas Markets- Come the holiday season Christmas markets pop up everywhere and they are something we think you should definitely put on the top of your list. We spent tons of time wandering the markets, checking out all the merchant stands, and trying all the foods and treats. Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park was a massive Christmas market with rides and we enjoyed a whole afternoon and evening walking around and experiencing all it had to offer. We also were very happy to find that the Christmas markets all had security which made us feel extra safe.

Walking Around and Getting Lost- we highly recommend just wandering the streets. We found so many gorgeous buildings, doors, and churches. We passed Shakespeare’s Globe, gardens and even crossed paths with a feral fox.

Harry Potter Studio Tours- We will be writing a solo post on the tours because we loved it so much. If you have any love for Harry Potter we highly recommend checking out it. Its a 3-4 hour self guided walk through tour with so many amazing props and things to look at, from all the Harry Potter movies. It was so incredible.

If you have been to London before let us know what your favorite things to do are in the comments below. If you haven’t been what sounds like the most fun on our list?


F & J


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