Life Update – November 2018

Hey Loves! F & J here!

happy Wednesday! We hope all of you lovelies have had a nice holiday last week spending time with your family and friends. We know its been a while since we’ve done a life update, so we know its long overdue but we are hoping better late than never.

The biggest thing in our life right now is our big Europe trip. We leave in less than three weeks. We’ve been planning this trip for what feels like forever and the fact that its just a few weeks away is insane to us. To start, we know having the opportunity to leave home for a month, to visit new countries in Europe is something that not everyone gets the chance to do, so we are so incredibly grateful, and completely aware of how blessed we are to do this. Though its something thats causing us lots of stress in life right now.

It will be our first holiday season that we don’t get to spend with our families. To us, Christmas is mostly about spending time with family and friends, and the traditions that you partake in every year. We will be thousands of miles away and will have to miss out so much. Trust us, we know how dreamy Europe in Christmas sounds and we will take full advantage of learning and experience a new culture. But there is the flip side that F won’t be there to see her little sisters face while opening presents or J won’t be able to sing Silent Night with candles at her Christas Eve service. The things that make us feel Christmas will be missing, and we think that we will be feeling some emptiness in our hearts.

Some of you reading may be wondering why we are choosing to leave for our trip over the holiday season, but sadly we felt like it would be the best time revolving everyone schedules. Our work is able to cover our absence better during this time of the year, and our friend we are meeting up with in Europe has more availability in her schedule come December. So in our eyes it was the best option.

Also being the planners we are, the thought of packing for a month long in Europe is stressing us out to the max! How much to pack, how to fit it all in the little luggage we are allowed, making sure we remember everything!  

But all this aside, we are overwhelmed with feelings of excitement for all the opportunities that we are going to come across. We know we are going to be trying a lot of firsts, and learning a lot more about different cultures and that is something that always fascinates us.

For those of you excited to hear about our upcoming Europe trip we are hoping that we can post while in Europe so keep your eyes out in coming weeks, but no promises!

We know this post is a little longer, and more personal but we hope you enjoyed it, and liked hearing where we are in life currently. Mostly feelings of extreme excitement, some stress, and a bit of sadness about missing the holidays all whirled together.

Happy Monday!


F & J


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