Real Talk

Hey Loves! F & J here!

If you have been following us you know we used to do a thing called real talks. Basically we talk about something that had been bothering us, or something on our brains, in hopes of a judgement free space. By making posts like these, our hope is we can reach people who relate to how we are feeling and we can offer support for them in knowing they aren’t alone. It’s been much longer than we would’ve hoped, since we’ve wrote one of these posts. And we hope to get more out there. But for now we are focusing on today.

We wanted to talk about how there is such a lack of time to focus on ourselves, this is so relevant with our lives right now. We know we aren’t alone in feeling this way. Our schedule every week looks the same everyday. Wake up, go to work, go to the boxing club, go home and sleep. We know that going to work out, is for us. But at the same point it’s part of our routine, and what we feel like we have to do. And it just leads us to feeling we don’t have time to do anything for us. We are feeling like it’s impossible to juggle work life, friends, family life, and anything extra, just pushes us to the edge. Things that shouldn’t feel stressful do. And at the end of the day we don’t even feel enough energy to run a bath or put a face mask on.

We personally are working on finding the time to let go of the things that stress us out on the daily. Even if it means saying no to others. Sometimes you have to put yourself first. Of course it’s easier said then done. It’s something we struggle with so much. We try to use what little free time we have to kick our feet up and relax. Even if it’s five minutes. We try to light candles, or turn on fairy lights, make a cup of our favorite tea with honey, anything that makes us feel a little happier that help calm the storm that’s passing through. A personal favorite has been taking a little time to step outside and breath the fresh crisp autumn air.

It’s really hard to enjoy the moment, when the moment feels like a ball of stress, but at the same point we have to realize we have a lot to be grateful for. We try to acknowledge it’s okay to feel stressed and tired, but we make it a point to try and work on fixing it, even if it means one little step at a time.

This post may not make much sense, or might not be something you can relate to, but it’s what’s circling around our brains basically nonstop. If you’d like, comment below on ways you de stress your life, and how you focus on living in the moment. We really could use the tips.

Take some deep breaths.


F & J


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