Snow White Disney Bound Costume

Hey Loves! F & J here!

With Halloween fast approaching we are sure there must be some of you scrambling to find a costume. We know some people plan their costumes months in advance, and thats awesome, but lets be real, not everyone has the time. Or maybe you are not a procrastinator, but prefer to not spend money on a costume. Or maybe you want to keep it low key. For us we had a struggle because F’s little sister feels like she’s too old to have an extreme costume, but still wanted to do something. (She’s only 12, but you know the age where being ‘cool’ matters.)

Our solution was Disney Bounding. If you don’t know what Disney Bounding is, it’s basically picking your outfit based on a Disney character using ‘normal’ pieces of clothing, but still portraying the character. F’s little sister was set on being Snow White so we thought we would show you what pieces we chose to make her costume and maybe give some of you inspiration.

We found both the top and the skirt from Forever 21. Be mindful that we noticed that both pieces run really small so you will probably need to size up. What we love about these pieces are the colors really portray Snow white, but also can be used individually in other outfits so they are not just limited for Halloween.

Earlier this year we had a big Disney Haul for our upcoming Disney Paris Trip (check it out here!) and bought a cute Snow White inspired head band that F’s little sister plans on using for her costume. They don’t sell the same one anymore but we found one very similar here!

To complete the outfit F’s little sister is going to wear a pair of red canvas shoes (which she already owned), like these! And Viola! Snow White costume done! Super easy and super cute.

What are your Halloween costume plans let us know! OR let us know who you has inspired your latest Disney Bounding!

Happy Halloween!


F & J

*We do not own these pictures, credit goes to linked sites.



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