Pumpkin Patch Round 2

Hey Loves! F & J here!

This last weekend we decided to head out to another pumpkin patch with F’s little sister f. If you didn’t see our last post you can check it out here. This time we decided to try out Stocker Farms which we passed last week on the way to Swan Trails Farm.

They did have some fun activities like apple shooting, bubbles being blown from a truck, and a corn maze. It was also nice that besides the u-pick pumpkins they also had flowers  you could cut to make your own bouquet.

Once we had walked around Stocker Farms for a bit we did cross the street to check out Thomas Farms. We enjoyed one of their 5-minute escape rooms and we had so much fun! We watched the groups in front of us go in and not be successful so we were a bit worried we wouldn’t be able to solve the puzzle. We did manage to stop the clock at 2:40 we were quite proud of and it was fun to walk out of the room to a round of applause! We are now all ready to go to a real escape room !

They also had some DELICIOUS cinnamon and sugar donuts… they tasted like fall and they warmed us up from the inside out!

Halloween is coming fast so go out and enjoy this season as much as you can!


F & J



  1. notcreative

    I took my boys to a Pumpkin Patch earlier this evening. It was so different from last year, when we went to some actual farms. It looks beautiful where you went, Escape rooms are a lot of fun. You’re ready.


  2. Love F & J

    We are really lucky that we live close to a lot of pumpkin patches so we can hit up multiple ones every year . But I just love the autumn feel that they all have. Escape rooms are so fun! We just had such a blast.


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