Sweaty Betty Legging Review

Hey Loves! F & J here!

You may have heard of the brand Sweaty Betty. If you haven’t heard of the brand they are an adorable company started in London that sells workout clothes for women. The brand comes with a fairly hefty price tag so we wanted to test out a pair of their famous leggings and see if they are worth the price tag. For a full price pair of reversible yoga leggings you are looking at dropping around $120. We managed to score some on their sale for $48. So we highly recommend keeping your eyes out for the sale, but note that you will have far less pattern selection this way.

We managed to score a pair that they no longer sell, but one side has fun jelly fish, and the other side was solid black. When it comes to leggings we usually tend to prefer solid colors and we were weary that the fabric would be see through, we didn’t want to flash our whole boxing club our bums while doing mountain climbers. The sides also have a mesh panel up the whole side of the leg which we think is fun, a little risqué but nothing too out of our comfort zone.

The pants totally shocked us, once they were put on you would never know there were jelly fish print floating away on the inside. They just looked like solid print leggings. we did a mirror check and they were most definitely not see through! SO they totally pass the most important test.

Second most important factor is how well the stay on during our workout. The last thing we want do is to be constantly pulling up our pants while trying to workout. We both prefer a more tighter “hug” fit that help shape us, and hold us in. So after countless jumping jacks and squats we can say we are most definitely pleased with the way they stayed put and held us in.

The material of the pants were very soft and very breathable, they felt very comfortable, and we feel like they would be really comfortable to wear all day.

We only have good things to say about this brand, except for the fact that we wish they were cheaper, but we understand why they are priced high, because they are great workout pants!

We highly recommend them, and we say you should definitely treat yourself to some nice workout clothes if it helps you stay motivated to be healthy. We also recommend buying them on sale because thats always nice to save a few dollars!


F & J


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