Mini Ulta Beauty Haul

Hey Loves! F & J!You may know by now that we like Ulta, and that sometimes we may go crazy. This time we had a mini little haul and we thought that we would share what we got, because they are all items we love. This is not sponsored, we just loved what we bought and wanted to make sure you guys could find these awesome items too.

The main reason for this shopping trip was to purchase some shampoo, but of course we couldn’t just stop there. But the shampoo we ended up purchasing was a major win! Not only does it smell delicious and clean, it is one of the most clarifying shampoos that we have ever used. We highly recommend it! It is dye free, sulfate free, paraben free, and more! They were having a buy one get half off sale so we decided to stock up and grab some delish smelling conditioner as well. Both are priced at $10 for a good sized bottle, but both these items are coupon eligible. You can find the shampoo we chose here, and the conditioner here.

We were also there because we needed to stock up on our go to toner, which is the Mario Badescu Rose water toner. It is affordable at only $12 for a large bottle that lasts us for several months. The product itself works really well and smells really nice. You can find it here!

We also picked up a fun little extra chapstick from Essence which is fun, because it changes colors with the contact of your lips. The color ended up being a little darker than we wanted, but the product itself was awesome and we may try a different shade. At only $3.50 it was definitely worth it, and you can find it here.

The rest of the items pictured were just free gifts, that we have yet to try but we love the brands of the items we received. Which were Kate Somerville and Stilla!

Even though this was mini haul we loved what we got! Comment below if you have tried any of these products.


F & J


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