Top 3 Facial Toners

Hey Loves! F & J here!

Toners are a very important part in our facial skin care routine. Over the years we have tried many different ones and we have accumulated a list of our top 3 favorites. Hopefully you find this as helpful as we would. [Our first stop before buying anything is always google 🙂 ]

Mario Badescu – This is a wonderful toner it smells like roses and we have become very used to the light smell, this toner is perfect for anyone’s price range. The linked website is Ulta and you can get a 4 oz bottle for only $7. Ultra hydrating and feels amazing when you put it on, we have been using this for awhile and have never had any issues with it, nor have we heard of anyone else having any problems.

Eau Roma Water  – This toner is from Lush so it is at a higher price point. A 3.3 oz bottle costs $10.95. This product is handmade and you know you can always trust your products from Lush to be made with the highest quality. This is also Rose scented and helps to calm the skin like the Mario Badescu. In all honesty, we love this product but did switch over to the Mario Badescu because they have the same quality and we appreciate the price point a bit more.

Tea Tree Water – This is another toner from Lush costing the same as the Eau Roma Water, a 3.3 oz bottle is $10.95. This does smell of Tea Tree Oil. It isn’t a very strong smell and to be honest we both like the smell. It does a great job at helping cleanse your face.

We hope you have found this post to be helpful. We would love to hear if you have other toners that you think we ought to give a try. Let us know  We always love finding out about different products and we will happily take all your suggestions to heart!


F & J


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