Whats In Our Bag

Hey Loves! F & J here!

If you are anything like us, you like to know things. Like maybe what someone keeps in their purse. But solely because they might have some brilliant thing that makes their life easier and you want to steal their genius idea. We are definitely not geniuses but we are hoping if we share what we keep in our purses, you might discover some things that will make your life easier. Besides the basics like phone, keys and wallet, here is what you will find our bags.

Our number one thing that we always keep in our purse is spray hand sanitizer. Specifically a spray like this one. Because beyond cleaning our hands its helpful to clean our surroundings. Like a toilet seat before using a public bathroom, or cleaning off a table at a restaurant, the possibilities are endless and we are almost never without some.

We also always have some sort of healing balm. We like using lanolin, like this, because not only is it the best for chapped lips, but also if we have any other wounds or dry patches.

Tide To Go sticks come in handy more often than we would like to admit. We are always spilling things on our shirts, and these things are a tiny life saver.

We always like to keep a protein bar, like this one, in our bag. In case we aren’t able to access food, it allows us to get enough food in us, to give us energy and keep us from eating foods that are bad for you.

Tweezers seem like a silly thing, but we all deal with pesky hairs, that somehow we miss in the mirror. So we like to keep a tiny pair, like these, to make sure our eyebrow game stays strong.

And last 9but not least an easy to fold reusable bag, like this one, because it is always important to keep our plastic use to a minimum. When you keep a reusable bag in your bag you are more likely to use it, its basic math.

Do you keep anything different in your purse?! Please comment below and let us know!


F & J

* We do not own any of the pictures posted, credit goes to linked site.



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