Ed Sheeran

Hey Loves! F & J here!


On August 25th F surprised J with tickets to see Ed Sheeran. For the record we both LOVE Ed! We own all of his albums, have been fortunate to have seen him multiple times before, and we never seem to tire of our favorite English red head!

If you have somehow managed to live your life without knowing who Ed Sheeran is, let us give you a crash course. A Team was the song that really brought Ed into the spotlight here in America. He tops the music charts, his albums have gone platinum and he is ruling the musical world. Some of our favorites include Lego House, Happier, Give Me Love, Little Bird, and Save Myself. We will stop there because if we don’t we would go on to list his whole discography! Basically Ed Sheeran = Amazing!

F facetimed J the morning of the concert to say we were going. F said the seats were bad but J was excited and it didn’t matter it was such an amazing surprise. We could be last row and it would be amazing. But F LIED! We had floor seats! Which is such a luxury we know!

Ed put on an amazing show, he was very talkative and really into it. Ed uses a loop pedal to construct the music on stage in front of you and it never fails to blow our minds! It is a truly special experience that we wish everyone got the chance to experience.

J cannot thank F enough. It was an AMAZING night and one that won’t be forgotten. BEST SURPISE EVER!



F & J


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