Summer Hair Removal

Hey Loves! F & J here!


There are a lot of things that come along with being a girl that can be really tricky to get the hang of. One of the hardest things we find is dealing with our unwanted body hair! Shaving can be a very time consuming and if your skin is sensitive, like us, you can get lots of ingrown hair which in turn makes shaving even harder!

While perusing the internet trying to find options for us to try we came across a few wax options that had some very promising reviews. Nad’s Brazilian and Bikini Wax which you can buy in stores or at amazon by clicking here, is the one we chose to try and we are hooked! It works amazing on our armpits and pesky facial hair (Come on ladies! We know this is very common and not talked about enough!) and though we haven’t tried legs we are sure it would work for those as well.

As far as waxing goes, it isn’t very painful. You can’t expect it to be pain free and if you have a buddy to help you it makes it even easier and less painful. We do find it is a little harder to do to ourselves but definitely doable.

We could rave on and on about this product! It leaves you hair free, (SIDE NOTE: If you don’t know much about hair growth, and we have all been there, it grows in cycles which you need to wax every week or two to pull out all the hair as what grows back is what wasn’t out to be pulled when you last waxed), smooth, and we find it helps with evening the color of our armpits. Besides that you get to skip your daily shave and not think twice before throwing on a tank top, and it helps with ingrown hairs! We definitely still believe in our razors (check out the Billie here) but when the sun comes out its a nice little luxury to not worry about our pits and we don’t have to worry about breaking the bank to get it done!

Give it a try and let us know if you love it too! We hope you do! Go on, spread the news, Nad’s is the way to go this summer! If you have any other means of hair removal please feel free to share we are always looking for new things!


F & J


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