Our Top 4 Favorite Subscriptions


Hey Loves! F & J here!

First lets talk about subscription boxes in general. You’re scrolling through social media and you see ads for fashion boxes, food boxes, and beauty boxes just to name a few. And you don’t see just one brand, there are so many you just don’t know which to choose! Between the two of us we’ve tried quite a few out and we know what we are talking about.  So let us help you out!

Billie • Razors

Billie is a subscription box that you can set to come every one, two, or three months, and for only $9 you get 4 razor replacements. They offer different colors in the razor and is designed with women’s shaving needs in mind. You can opt to add on shaving cream if you choose. The razor also comes with a magnetic razor holder, which works with any type of wall. The razor itself is really high quality and actually our favorite razor of all the ones we have tried.

FabFitFun • Beauty, Wellness, Fitness, Fashion

If you are familiar with our posts, you may see our seasonal review and unboxing of our FabFitFun subscription. We could never have too many nice words to say about them. The products you receive are usually full size and always high quality. They send brands we trust, and love. The products are also super cute and they send things that you will actually use. Its like a nice present for yourself to prep yourself for every season.

Click here to sign up for either one box, or annual subscription (our personal choice!).

Quip • Electric Toothbrush

Quip is a super affordable electronic toothbrush subscription. You can pick between a plastic toothbrush handle or a metal handle. (Personally we chose metal) Every three months you get a replacement toothbrush head and a new battery. It’s simple and super convenient and comes with a case to make travel easy. Starter sets start at $55 (metal) and $40 (plastic) and includes a years worth of toothbrush head replacements and $5 every three months after.

You can click here to get yours now! You won’t be sorry!

Bootaybag • Panties

Bootaybag is a totally fun subscription that your booty will thank you for! You get two extremely adorable and high quality panties delivered to your mail box. You get the choice between full coverage, just thongs, or mix it up, which means one of each. Every pair of panties that we have received we loved! They come in fun colors that are beautiful and sophisticated, and the quality of the panties surpass those of Victoria Secret. Definitely not necessary but we find this subscription one for self love, and makes you feel beautiful knowing you’ve got some cute little panties on. $13/month for two pairs or $7/month for one pair.

Subscribe here now!

Do you subscribe to an awesome company that we should know about? Comment below we would love to learn about more amazing and fun brands! Now go show yourself some love and subscribe!


F & J


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