Goodbye 2017 Hello 2018

Hey loves! F & J here!2017 was quite the year! We’ve grown a lot on a personal level, continued to stay active and healthy, and got to experience places outside of Seattle we hadn’t planned on seeing just yet.

We spent quality time with family this holiday season, making memories we will remember for years to come. Of course in 2017 we had times that were filled with sadness, hurt, and heartbreak, but we laughed a lot, we were excited, hopeful, happy, and most importantly we were surrounded by the people most important to us and surrounded by love. Looking back we can say that 2017 was a good year for us, and we hope it was for you as well.

Looking forward to 2018 we can only hope that it will be just as good, if not better, than 2017. F came up with the idea, but we both love it, that this year instead of writing down our resolutions we wanted to make a 2018 bucket list.

For us, the biggest “resolution” we make every year is to continue to stay healthy and improve our health in whatever ways we can. It is something that we take very seriously and haven’t given up on year after year. So we figure why make the same “resolution”? We will continue to take care of our physical health as we always have. Instead we wanted to share our 2018 bucket list with you so we can revisit it at the end of 2018 and see how much we were able to do. We will continue to add to the list as the year goes on but for now here it is!

Try Kickboxing

Donate blood

Get passports

Go to Europe

Go to a Sounders game

Get a massage

Take a Barre class

“Adopt” a family for Christmas

That’s all for now! Let us know what’s on your 2018 bucket list in the comments. We would love to hear!

Peace out 2017! 2018, we are ready to face you head on and make you our best year yet.


F & J



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