We Found Diagon Alley

Hey Loves! F & J here!


If you are from the Seattle area you may have seen this going viral, but no matter where you are from this is something we HAD to share. This pop up Diagon Alley was built in a Seattle driveway in only seventeen days! If you are a Harry Potter lover then you have to check it out before it comes down later this month. They have managed to turn this amazing project into a way to raise money for Pancreatic Cancer, in the name of a close friend, so far donating $16,300. We went when they had Dumbledore Santa as well as 30 other cast members, who all did an amazing job channeling their character. Gilderoy Lockhart was even handing out photos of himself!

The attention to detail was absolutely amazing! It’s hard to believe someone built it just for a Halloween project. Obviously it went viral and rightfully so. Its very similar to walking down Diagon Alley in the Wizarding World and trust us, we would know! We also got to drink some delicious Butterbeer, which the proceeds also went to a great cause.

 If you are in the area we highly recommend you check it out! Its worth the wait in line, which went by fairly quickly with the help of characters coming out and taking pictures! And if you are too far away we feel bad you can’t share this magic, but if any of you feel moved to give you can click here.

Mischief Managed.


F & J



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