Holiday Money Saving Tips

Hey Loves! F & J here!

We all know how expensive the holidays can get, the costs are infinite. From finding the perfect outfit for a holiday party, to purchasing the best gifts for your friends, to one too many Christmas coffees, we could keep going but we think you get the point. We are guilty of causing the bank to break during the holiday season, but we think we finally got down how to save a few dollars while not sacrificing any fun. We thought we would share them with you guys, because really who doesn’t love to save money!

Tip One: Save money on Wrapping- We know that Target has the most alluring and gorgeous collection of wrapping papers that make us want to buy all of them, but for about $7 for a small roll we had to hit the breaks. As pretty as it is, the wrapping is the part of the gift that hits the garbage right away. So we usually hit up the local dollar store and buy a few cheap paper rolls to use. They have a bigger selection than you might think. You can even use a solid color and decorate it yourself using glitter, washi tape, and cheap ribbons.

Tip Two: Make your own wreath- Buying a pre decorated wreath usually comes with a hefty price tag (we have seen them for up to $75!), so we usually buy a plain wreath from Costco, but they sell them at the grocery store too. Hit up our local craft stores (which always have sales on fake floral and tidbits) and make our own wreaths using a hot glue. We usually can make one for about $20 including the decorations. Plus we always get a bunch of compliments on how cute they turn out, you can’t even tell they aren’t made professionally!

Tip Three: Use Store Apps and Coupons – Most major retailers, like Target, have apps that have coupons that are available to use while you shop. They are pretty convenient to use and can help you save a lot of money, even on things that are already on sale. Even a quick google search can help you find coupons for just about any major retailer. We get that not everybody has time to clip coupons but the apps make them super easy to use.

Tip Four: Make Handmade Gifts- Stick with us on this one, we know the average person doesn’t want macaroni necklaces, but making home made gifts can be so much more heartwarming than an expensive item. Buying a cheap canvas at your local craft store and painting an inspiring picture can mean a lot, especially because you are using time and effort. Not an artist? No problem, you can paint a simple back ground and use stencils to make simple and easy works of art that your friends will actually use. There are an endless amount of ideas on Pinterest that range from easy to expert, a little research can go a long way.

Tip Five- Take advantage of Price Match- Most stores use a price matching system so you make your purchases from them. They even price match places with low prices like Amazon and Walmart. If you are buying a high ticket item it doesn’t hurt to do a quick google search for competitors prices, even while in the line to checkout. They just usually need proof off your phone and thats all.

These are just our favorite tips to save money  that we take beyond the holiday season. Let us know in the comments below how you save money in and out of the holiday season! Happy Shopping!


F & J


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