Broken Heart Playlist

Hey loves! F & J here!broken heart playlistMost of us have experienced some sort of heartbreak, and if you are feeling broken hearted right now we wish we could send some love and a warm hug. When we are feeling sad about whatever is upsetting us, sometimes the best thing to do is escape with music. For us we feel like we like to listen to music that matches our mood. It makes us feel like we are not alone in what we are feeling and even if that means wallowing in our sadness, some how it makes us feel better.

A broken heart comes with indescribable pain but sitting in silence can drive one crazy. This playlist we put together is filled with songs that may help you feel like you aren’t alone, and may help fill some emptiness.

Leave a comment below with your favorite song to listen to while mending a broken heart. Sending lots of good vibe your way.


F & J


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