Samoa Caramel Apples

350c6b96-b733-4a45-b84c-a393048ea132Hey Loves! F & J here!

Here we are again with another recipe. This time we watched a Delish video that someone shared on Facebook and we just had to try!

First, we knew it probably wasn’t as easy to do as the quick little video made it seem and we did have to try a couple things a few times but we’ve got it! And hopefully we can warn you from making the same mistakes!

We needed to make a quick trip to the grocery store for this one but it’s a pretty simple list. You need caramel sauce (we chose to melt caramels instead of buying a prepackaged sauce), chocolate chips, shredded coconut (which we bought in bulk so we only got what we needed!) and some green apples.  86295a99-980a-4b97-8f62-748b109bd57c

We cut the apple into slices so they would lay down flat and cut the centers out in a circle. (We got creative and used our tablespoon measurer to cut our circles out!) Then we put some of our caramels into a microwavable bowl with a tablespoon of water and put it in the microwave. (Keep checking on them ever 15/20 seconds, we burned our first batch because we just put it in the microwave for the whole 2 and a half minutes like the back of the bag said!) When the caramel was melted we poured in our coconut and mixed it. Then we took a spoon to put it on the apple slices.

Then we melted our chocolate chips in the microwave as well. The Delish video says to put butter in with it but we found it made our chocolate not smooth and therefore we were unable to use it. We had much more success when we just melted the chocolate chips by themselves. Once again you need to keep checking on them ever 15/20 after the first 30 seconds so you don’t burn them!

Then take a spoon and drizzle the chocolate on top and enjoy!

These were extremely tasty and we scream fall! We will definitely make them again! Let us know below if you give them a try and love them too!


F & J


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