Current Obsessions

Hey Loves! F & J here!


We felt like it has been too long since we put together a list of our favorites, so finally we made one for you guys!  We feel like even though these are current obsessions they are also our fall faves.

Dermalogica Superfoliant Daily – We are so in love with how smooth our skin feels after using this exfoliator. It is so gentle that is is almost hard to believe it works so well. It helps keep our skin smooth while the seasons change.

Pixi by Petra Hydrating Milky Mist –  It’s super easy and convenient to use. It’s very moisturizing which is perfect for the dry fall days. It’s light and not over moisturizing so it won’t leave you feeling oily.

Butter London Nail Lacquer– We love the brand Butter London and we love how quick drying their nail lacquer is. This color screams fall but in a more unique hue.

James Bay Pandora Radio Station – This Pandora station has been on all the time for both of us. All the songs give off a nice cozy vibe, and are perfect for a fall day.

Cozy Socks – Our toes are the first thing to get cold with the days getting colder. So in order to be completely cozy we grab a pair of comfy socks. They definitely are must and adorable too.

Vooray Duffle Bag – Whether we want a cute duffel to bring to the gym with us, or a cute weekend getaway bag we are crushing on Vooray’s collection of printed and plain bags! They are amazing quality, reasonable priced, and so aesthetically pleasing.

If you have any favorite you’ve been loving please don’t hesitate to share them! We are always searching for new things to love.


F & J


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