Who Are We?

IMG_2220IMG_2219Hey Loves! F & J Here!

Not to long ago we got back our results from 23 and Me. We had thought about trying one of the at home DNA tests for a while since we thought it would be interesting to see what our results would be.

They went on sale on at 23 and Me so we decided to purchase them. We were mailed a kit with instructions to follow for collecting our saliva and how to properly seal it up and send it back. And then it was just a giant waiting game!

F’s results came in faster than J’s (something to do with having to retest). Let us tell you, it is so oddly fascinating to look at your results! It’s very interesting to look at the data you’re given and see what your DNA says about who you are! Especially since both of our families don’t have much knowledge on their ancestors. Check out our results above!

Another fun thing about 23 and Me is that it tells you how much Neanderthal DNA you have compared to others. F is on the low side of having neanderthal in her DNA, and J has more than 98% of people who have previously tested on 23 and Me! (It is only a very very little percentage of your overall DNA).

If you were considering trying 23 and Me to find out what your DNA says about you we highly recommend it!


F & J


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