Real Talk

februaryHey Loves! F & J here!

Todays post is going to be one that is more real talk than our usual happy life loving posts. We feel like it is something you can connect and relate to on varying degrees. This has always been a thing for us but lately it has been bothering us more than ever.

To put it simply we feel like our kindness has been taken for granted. We work as nannies and we often babysit as a favor to the families. Sadly it is something that has been taking over our lives. We are basically working seven days a week trying to fit in time for every family. We both work for multiple families so the requests are endless.

Whenever we get a day off one of families will be ecstatic that we have a free moment, because that means they can book our time for themselves. Never once has any of them thought about how we might want time for ourselves. They all know that we are always working and giving time to other people. They ALL always say “take time for yourself, as long as it doesn’t take away from us” They mean it in good nature but when everyone says it, it means that we really never get time.

Of course we could say no, but it is always followed with guilt. We are telling someone no, they can’t have fun just so we can have a break. It seems selfish of us to do, which in turn means we never really say no. We have always been the kind of people who will go to extreme lengths to help someone out. People know this about us and will always use it to their advantage. They always word their request in a way that leaves us feeling guilted into doing it. They will say things like, “oh I guess I will just let my concert tickets go to waste” or “That’s okay we didn’t really need alone time that badly” or “you are our last resort, so if you can’t do it we have to cancel”.  The list of excuses could go on forever.

In all honesty we don’t mind occasional babysitting. It’s extra money to use on fun things. But we feel like we have no time for fun things, so why is it worth it. We don’t have a solution for this problem and it’s an endless cycle. We feel like it is forcing us to make sacrifices that we don’t want to make, such as not being able to blog, or skype with friends in different cities, or even spend time with our own families. It’s gotten to the point that keeping up with seasons of our favorite tv show causes us stress.

We literally just want one day to ourselves but we often can’t even have that. Plus with all our time spent with other families, our families start to get upset that we aren’t spending time with them.

If any of you feel like you have been in a similar situation and have had a solution to the problem that has worked for you. Please let us know!


F & J


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