Travel Tuesday – London

Hey Loves! F & J here!


Another Travel Tuesday! This time we are off to London! We have both always wanted to go to London. We don’t know what exactly it is that draws us to it, perhaps it’s the fact that the weather seems to be very Seattle-ish. It is somewhere that we are planning to go soon. Which is super exciting!

We want to see the London Bridge, Big Ben, and the London Tower. Though J may not be able to ride the London Eye since she may or may not have developed a small fear of Ferris Wheels after riding Mickey’s Fun Wheel.

We would love to just wander the streets of London and visit the shops and eat at the local places. We just want to explore and soak in the London life. We do have a bit of an obsession with Harry Potter and it is totally possible we would find our selves seeing or doing something Harry Potter related! (Platform 9 3/4 anyone?) No judging, you know we all love Harry Potter!

We want to do the typical touristy things too. Riding the Double Decker busses, taking an  insta worthy photo with an iconic red phone booth, shopping at places exclusive to the Brits, having a good cup of tea (we are avid tea drinkers), and indulging in all the sweets we don’t usually get to enjoy over in Seattle.

We would also completely not mind listening to the boys with their accents all day long. We are total suckers for a man with an accent.

We are both dreaming about the day we get to go. If there is anything you think we need to do when we go please let us know!


F & J


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